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  • What is Virgin Megastore Circle?

    Virgin Megastore Circle is our loyalty initiative showcasing a 360 relationship between us and our customers.
  • How do I join Virgin Megastore Circle? 

    We've got you covered. Download the app and sign up instantly or visit our stores and register your mobile number at the cash counter or go to and register your Virgin Megastore Circle account.
  • How do I collect Dots?

    You can collect Dots only at any of the Virgin Megastores with any purchase by using either cash or credit Card. Dots earned : 1 QAR = 1 Dot
  • How do I redeem the Dots?

    Every time your Dots balance reaches 2500 QAR, you can redeem any multiple of 25 by providing your mobile number or barcode.
  • Can I redeem Dots for cash?

    We wish, but we can't
  • Can I collect and redeem Dots from different countries?

    Each country has a separate procedure so unfortunately you cannot.
  • Will my Dots expire?

    Yes. Each Dot is valid for one year from the date of transaction.
  • Can I redeem my Dots online or on the app?

    Yes, you can redeem your dots online. As for the app we are working on it to introduce it in the future!
  • How can I check my Dots? 

    You can login to your account on Virgin Megastore Circle app or website to find out.
  • What are the added benefits of joining Virgin Megastore Circle?

    It has been created for YOU! Its exclusive , rewarding, easy and most important personal. You will enjoy a wide range of benefits from home delivery, events access, fast checkout to valuable rewards and personalized offers.
  •  How do I download the app?

    You can download the app on The App store or from Google play. It is also compatibale with Android.
  • Is there a fee to join?

    No. Its free for life.
  • What are the added benefits of the app? 

    Where do we start? Instant Sign up. Exclusive & personalized offers. Live access to news and trends and so much more.
  • Can I order products or tickets through the app?

    No but feel free to visit our website or one of our stores.
  • What information is held in my account? 

    Your profile 
    Your Virgin Megastore Circle account details
    Your favourites 
    Your Dots balance
  • What can I do on Virgin Megastore Circle website?

    You can check all your transactions as well as view your Dots, redemptions, and view your statement of account.
  • What type of communication can I expect from Virgin Megastore Circle and from which channel?

    At the moment, you will be receiving e-mails from us time to time on on-going promotions, offers and contests. Please be reminded that Virgin Megastore will never ask for your bank account details online. Contest winners lists will be broadcasted over at our official site, social media and communicated through email and or SMS. For further enquiries on this you can email us at (
  • I've forgotten my password - what should I do?

    To reset your password simply follow the step-by-step instruction on our "Forgot your password" tab. We'll then send a link to your registered email account. Follow this link and you'll be back up and running in no time at all.
  • How do I update my details once I have created an account?

    You are completely in control of your account and your personal details. If you need to update your personal details simply head over to your profile page or tab and follow the on-screen instructions.